Word mirrors, mirrored words

While researching the confusables it became apparent that this was just the sort of thing 13 year-old jokers would love. And still, there was more confusion to be had, so I started with Mark Davis's mirrored ASCII Unicode mappings, modified parts and created a Unicode mapping for inverted and reversed text. The end result was this little toy which produces prankster-style mirrored words like these, which could probably be better, but I'm going with Lucida Sans Unicode as the lowest common denominator font:

mirror words
miɿɿoɿ woɿbƨ
w!ʁʁoʁ ʍoʁqƨ
ƨbɿow ɿoɿɿim

maybe you don't know this: http://www.revfad.com/flip.html

Btw, my age dropped, too ;-)