Test Environment:

This page sets the UTF-8 charset declaration in both the HTTP and HTML Content-Type.


Test how URL components are normalized when they contain Unicode characters.


Test Unicode normalization using some of the character sequences from Unicode Standard Annex 15 "Unicode Normalization Forms" and others from RFC3197. From TR15 use a Singleton from Figure 3 - U+212B which normalizes to U+00C5 Å under NFC, and U+0041 U+030A Å under NFD. Also use multiple combining marks from Figure 5, U+10EB U+0323 ძ̣, and the sequence U+1E9B U+0323 ẛ̣ from Figure 6 Compatibility Composites. Through those few tests we can test for each of the four normalization forms.

Test Cases:

Test 1: U+212B in the path, query, and fragment.


Test 2: U+1E0B U+0323 in the path, query, and fragment


Test 3: U+1E9B U+0323 in the path, query, and fragment